BLGM Technologies Pvt. Limited

Information Technology

Software Consulting

We offer a wide range of software designing to suit your enterprise and excel you to benefit maximum business from your technology budgets. Our team of experience industry experts can understand your business processes and provide effective, customized software solutions which simplify implementations and optimize production processes.

BLGM Technologies Private Limited helps businesses in designing and deploying a integrated software project plan and authenticate it for user acceptance test. We have holistic approach in assessing your business needs and we design a roadmap to transform your organization into a world class enterprise.

With our excellent knowledge in software development life cycle, our extensive services cover the complete development and implementation life cycle

Our application experts help in optimizing your business operation processes and offer 24/7 support to enterprises.

Database Services

The Database is a crucial resource to applications and provides a standard base to businesses by providing instand track access to critical information. BLGM Technologies Privae Limited offers the most advanced database services which enable clients to have real-time data access to their vital data.

The talented database consultants, who are trained in the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies such as Oracle, SQL server, etc. and provide highly available, full proof performance based solutions. We cater to the existing and ever changing business needs of our clients and offer a simplified, efficient database solution ensuring optimized database solutions that are standarize the operations.

Enterprise Portals

Portal & Collaboration solutions help connecting people inside and outside the organization, information and systems in a unified manner within a locationally diverse enterprises. We have a dedicated team of certified portal and collboration suit consultants who provide innovative ways for enterprises to operate business across the globe over the internet.

BLGM Technologies Private Limited architects a portal strategic planning, and offer design, infrastructure requirement assessment, deployment and post deployment planning and support. We offer Microsoft O365 / Microsoft SharePoint as a integrated solution for the collaborative functioning of our clients.

The expert Portal and Collaboration services of BLGM Technologies Private Limited includes a) Analysis of requirements of the clients. b) Migrations to latest versions. c) expereinced Consulting. d) Creation of Intranet and internal web portals. e) Designing Business Intelligence and innovative web based Dashboards. f) Workflows for Approval Managements. g) Fast Search Applications Integration h) Deployment of Knowledge Management Systems for knowledge sharing across the organization. i) Integration with other Microsoft products like Lync 2010, Exchange and other microsoft products j) Working with Data and enterprise wise Content Management Systems. k) Training and development. l) Post Implementation Management and Support.

Mobile Apps

In now a days environment, mobility plays a key role in the digital transformation of emerging businesses. Mobile devices have now evolved to mobilizing entire business applications, leading way to innovation and changing the way how enterprises look at their business operations.

We have an experienced team of trained consultants who offer latest mobile solutions which make locations irrelevant, achieve more value from point of solutions, and augment unexpected solutions in alignment with the business requirements of the industry. Our mobility engineers help enterprises leverage contextual, real-time data to reach out to partners, employees, and consumers conveniently round the clock. We provide high quality mobility solutions which enable our clients to achieve a better relationship with their consumers.